Software development

We create and maintain computer software: services, mobile apps, webpages games and embedded for many years now. Constantly learning new things and improving.


Software development


We've gained a lot of experience in such technologies as:

  • Java, Ruby, PHP, Python
  • Spring, Rails, Django
  • relational and NoSQL databases, search engines
  • JavaScript, TypeScript
  • Angular, React
  • Android, iOS, Web
  • and many others

Identify the needs

Technologies are not everything. First and foremost is to identify client's needs and find a solution. Software seldom lives for a long time and being able to design it in a way it is easy to maintain and extend is the key. It is impossible to predict how the software will evolve, hence well thought out architecture is required. Short-loop feedback and being in constant contact is very helpful.


There are a few requirements that must be fulfilled when making software:

  • understanding of the issue
  • picking the right tool for the job
  • using proven technologies
  • automated tests
  • usability


Writing lines of code is as easy as laying bricks when building a house. However, there is much more of knowledge to gain in order to do it properly. Only a team of experts is able to provide required quality and finish the job on time. Passionate software developers care about the code they produce.


Nowadays software rarely works on its own. Usually it acts its part in a bigger system. It serves its purpose and communicates with other components. Good understanding of all the processes is a must when it comes to designing the data flow.


Every piece of software has its client. It can be a human or other software component. Well designed interfaces makes the software easier to use. It has to be intuitive and predictable.