Vast knowledge and experience allow us to recruit great developers, design architecture tailored for the need and to optimize processes and costs.



Needs verification and support

Ideas travel a long way before they become reality. And here, in reality, a lot of risks pop out. We help with:

  • requirements specification
  • risks analysis
  • defining MVP
  • choosing right technologies
  • optimizing costs
  • budget planning
  • reducing time-to-market

Solution verification and support

Is it the right technology? Is it cost-effective? Does it really solve the problem? Is the process optimized? What about code quality? Are automated tests sufficient? These are just a few questions that circles back during the life-cycle of a software.

Team verification and support

Like technology, like team - it's best when chosen if care. Knowledge, personality, seniority are factors as important as technical and soft skills. And is the knowledge properly propagated in the team and in the whole organisation? Do the team members cooperate as intended? Is agile adjusted to your needs?

Development and maintenance process verification and support

Development and maintenance both base on well specified requirements. It's a start. Then it comes the development process itself: clean code, automated and manual testing including setting up all the needed environments for development, testing and production. It's also important to shorten the feedback loop. And to use proper tools, of course.

Recruitment process verification and support

Recruitment process is important. It's the time when you have a chance to find the right people. It's not enough to verify knowledge in general with some typical questions. There are specific requirements in every project. Every project is different. Every candidate is also different. People have different knowledge, different specializations and different personalities. It all affects the team and the project. It's also important to plan the team structure and the flow of knowledge.